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    • Obsolete Date 30-04-2024


    • RAID levels Dedicated hardware RAID 1
    • Platform Supported HPE ProLiant DL, ML and HPE Apollo servers. See QuickSpecs for a detailed listing of supported platforms.
    • Warranty HPE Solid State Drives (SDDs) and add-in cards have a standard 3/0/0 warranty; Customer Self Repair (CSR) subject to maximum usage limitations. Maximum usage limit is the maximum amount of data that can be written to the drive. Drives that have reached this limit will not be eligible for warranty coverage.
    • Maximum Drives Supported 2, included in kit
    • Cache N/A
    • PCIe Support Gen3
    • Battery N/A
    • Weight 0.4 kg
    • Product Dimensions (imperial) 0.79 x 2.48 x 0.37 in
    • Product Dimensions (metric) 2.01 x 6.3 x 0.94 cm
    • Weight 0.882 lb
    • Voltage 4.0V (min) – 6.0V (max)
    • Performance 28+ MB/second Read Transfer Rate, 29+ MB/second Write Transfer Rate
    • Form factor microSD USB
    • Usable capacity 32GB
    • Class UHS I
    • Compliance USB specification 2.0



    Do you need to simplify data segregation? HPE OS Boot Devices offer enterprise customers turnkey, resilient boot solutions that easily segregate the OS from the data storage plane in today’s popular OS for virtualized environments—VMware®, Linux®, Windows®. HPE NS204i-u is a universal installation hot plug OS boot device that includes two 480 GB M.2 NVMe SSDs. The universal installation removes the need for cables and backplanes. This device no longer takes up a PCIe slot, and auto-creates RAID 1 volume.  HPE NS204i-p and NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Devices are self-contained boot solutions in simple, pre-configured PCIe cards and HPE Synergy Option requires no GUI or user setup. These plug-and-play OS boot devices include two 480 GB M.2 SSDs, enabling customers to mirror OS through hardware RAID 1. Based on NVMe technology, HPE NS204i-p and NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Devices deliver up to 4x faster read capability than legacy SATA boot solutions.[1]

    What’s new

    • Supports HPE Synergy Gen10 Plus Compute platforms.
    • Utilizes native in-box OS NVMe drivers.
    • Dedicated Hardware RAID 1 OS Boot Device.
    • Includes two HPE enterprise-class 480 GB NVMe M.2 SSDs on a single HPE Synergy add-in card.
    • Hot plug universal installation (No longer requires a PCIe slot) .
    • No cables or backplanes required.


    Enables all drive bays are used for data, greatly reducing server complexity, while providing an economical way for booting in virtualized environments.

    Supports secure firmware boot for simple and secure setup of HPE Synergy 480  Gen10 Plus Compute Modules.

    Uses native in-box driver support for VMware, Linux, and Windows OS.

    Pre-configured RAID 1 OS boot utilizes a single HPE Synergy designed card that connect to PCIe connection under drive cages to safely isolate OS from user data on today’s popular virtualized environments.

    HPE NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Device is a complete, turnkey optimized OS boot device that is easy to deploy—no need to configure or format, simply insert and it works, no GUI or user setup required.

    Simple and Secure OS Mirroring through Dedicated Hardware RAID 1

    Engineered with enterprise-class high endurance NAND for non-stop data center environments.

    HPE OS Boot Devices provides separate, redundant disk solutions for the OS that enables a more robust, optimized compute platform.

    HPE OS Boot Devices are certified for VMware and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI for increased flexibility.

    Dedicated hardware RAID 1 OS boot mirroring helps eliminate downtime due to a failed OS drive—even if one drive fails the business continues running.

    Integrated on-board RAID 1 for customers requiring dual boot solution.

    HPE USB Flash drive with dual 32 GB microSD cards and on-board RAID 1 boot devices deliver a redundant OS boot without consuming server storage drive bays.

    State-of-the-Art, Hardware Accelerated RAID 1 NVMe OS Boot Device

    HPE NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Device combines the latest generation NVMe technology and hardware RAID 1 redundancy in support of OS applications.

    Self-contained HPE Synergy Gen3 boot device is integrated with two HPE enterprise-class 480GB  NVMe M.2 SSDs allowing you to customize configuration.

    Full Hardware RAID 1 Boot Solution for VMware Environments

    HPE enterprise-class NVMe M.2 SSDs delivers enhanced data protection with power loss protection and error correction.

    HPE NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Device and HPE USB Flash drive with dual 32 GB microSD cards on-board RAID 1 free up internal server storage bays enabling greater platform storage density.

    Based on Synergy design with NVMe technology, the HPE NS204i-d NVMe OS Boot Device delivers up to 4x times faster read capability than legacy SATA-based boot solutions. [2]

    Increased Storage Density and Dedicated Hardware RAID 1 Resiliency for OS Boot

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    [1], [2] NVMe vs. SATA: It's time for NAND Flash in the fast lane, ATP electronics, October 2018

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