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    din 2007



    • Obsolete Date 31-12-2025
    • End of support date 31-12-2027


    • Product Dimensions (imperial) HxWxD 1.75 x 17.25 x 9.50 in
    • Product Dimensions (metric) HxWxD 4.45 x 43.82 x 24.13 cm
    • Weight 3.04 kg
    • CAT5 cable (1) DB9-RJ45 adapter and (1) power jumper cable
    • Tiering support Tiering not supported
    • Weight 6.7 lb
    • Number of server ports 16 ports
    • Warranty 3 years
    • Rack space 1U



    Need remote access to servers and other serial managed devices in the rack? HPE Enterprise Serial Console Servers provide remote access to headless servers such as those running Linux or UNIX, as well as serial managed devices such as network switches and routers. Available options support either 16 or 48 devices through a single IP address using any SSH or telnet client. With its powerful user access control and streamline management from the Virtual Media option, the HPE Serial Console Server grants access to specified users or even implements Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory authentication while allowing servers to access storage media. Security for servers is controlled by user names, passwords, access rights configured and stored in non-volatile memory in the Serial Console Server for up to 64 users or through RADIUS. The HPE Serial Console Servers offer the security, flexibility, and efficiency that meets the needs of the most demanding IT environments.

    What’s new

    • On board Ethernet and modem (48-port model only) for in-band and out-of-band support
    • External device connectivity such as a modem, sensor or mass storage device (16-port model)
    • More secure, stable command line recovery of equipment
    • Auto-senses pin out configuration for seamless connection
    • Management port for direct connection


    Configuration wizard in Web for first-time users, auto-discovery for automatic deployment, command line interface (CLI), and web management interface.

    HPE Enterprise Serial Console Servers include an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions, configurable event notification (email, pager, SNMP trap), customizable global time zone support, multiple and customizable user levels of access.

    Streamline Management of Your IT Environment From any Location Anywhere & Anytime

    HPE Enterprise Serial Console Servers includes a virtual media capability that enables you to load any large amount of data remotely.

    Remote management via either in-band or out-of-band depending on the network devices within IT environment.

    Scale to meet your IT demands by adding servers and users as demand increases. Auto-sensing serial ports combined with a single serial interface adapter that eliminates pin-out conversions for each type of serial device.

    Integrated web-based user interface simplifies setup and management of console.

    Zero touch provisioning that supports automated discovery tools to ease identification of servers, routers, switches and power devices connected to any serial port, saving time at initial configuration and installation

    HPE Enterprise Serial Console Servers include instant access and real-time control when you need it. Redundant communication (Ethernet and Fiber) to provide network fail-over protection.

    Improves the Efficiency of Your IT Environment as the Demand Increases or Decreases

    Console event logging and notification, including “last gasp” capture to ensure buffered data is not lost.

    Compliance with data center access and security policies with pre-set and customizable configuration profiles supported with multiple access levels.

    Online and off-line data logging with time stamps supports regulatory compliance and easy troubleshooting.

    Multiple of users can be logged in at the same time to access and configure.

    HPE Enterprise Serial Console Servers offer secure local and remote access to all your devices using encryption, smart cards, remote authentication with multi-level access rights and detailed logging.

    Convenient control options for single servers or entire server room.

    Redundant power supply options support lights-out access to your serial devices

    Secure out-of-band (modem) communication options enable remote access at any time.

    Auto discovery tools to ease identification of servers, routers, switches and power devices.

    Easy to Use with Automated Configuration Tools

    Telnet and SSH access

    Port access directly by server name or device name, CLI command, simultaneous

    Enterprise-level console management, port access, system management.

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